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Lookee What I Found….

An old HWA newsletter post reporting on what the Stokers were like back in 2004. Ahhh, the good old days…. A View of the Stoker Awards, 2004 By Mary SanGiovanni Fine food, wine, gowns, tuxes, and a little village’s worth … Continue reading

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Tidbits From the Authors Guild (and Thoughts)

So I received the Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Authors Guild Bulletin, which, in addition to PW Daily and PW Weekly emails, forms the bulk of where I get worldwide publishing news.  These sources rarely deal with the genre of horror directly, … Continue reading

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Another Dorchester Account of Bad Business Practices

I find absolutely deplorable the way Dorchester has handled Dawn Thompson’s estate.  I think it’s important that we, as writers, are aware and make others aware of despicable business practices, and whenever possible, do what we can to help.

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Dorchester Update

Please read Brian’s blog for an update on the state of Dorchester.  I hope the people who complained about our being so “mean” finally understand why so many of us were warning writers not to publish with them, and readers … Continue reading

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NY Times Bestsellers

So here’s something I’ve been wondering. My understanding is that the NYT Bestseller List is determined from a private formula that takes into account the sales figures from a representative sampling of stores in strategic geographical locations, as well as … Continue reading

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