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Author of the Hollower trilogy, Thrall, Chaos, For Emmy, Possessing Amy, The Fading Place, and more.

Advice for New Writers

Mantras of the Writer Money flows to the writer. You know that old saying, “If you want to make money, it takes money”? That’s not necessarily true in publishing. Money flows to you.  Agents take a cut only of what … Continue reading

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My Bucket List, of Sorts – the Travel Edition

So, as I have entered into a new decade and thus a new phase of life, organizing and prioritizing certain things I’d like to do, see, or be before I die seems to have taken on a new importance.  And … Continue reading

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My Horror Movie Survival Kit

Courtesy of Man Crates, I am participating in the Halloween-themed blog posting of what I consider my absolute essentials for surviving a horror movie.  Please comment with anything you’d include yourself — I’d love to hear feedback.     My … Continue reading

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Guest Post — Aniko Carmean — No Songs for the Stars

I am honored to include this guest blog post by fellow writer Aniko Carmean regarding her experience reading my chapbook, No Songs for the Stars.  It is a thrilling and satisfying experience for a writer to find that her work resonates … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Matt Manochio and THE DARK SERVANT

I’m pleased to present a guest blog post by fellow author and New Jersey resident Matt Manochio, in which readers can learn a little more about his new supernatural thriller novel, The Dark Servant (a tale which happens to take place in his … Continue reading

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Random Drive-By Thoughts – The New Edition

Long-time blog readers may remember an occasional series I used to do called Random Drive-By Thoughts.  They were essentially Twitter before Twitter, in a way — a chance to drop a few unrelated one-liners, or post brief thoughts on different subjects.  They … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Author Hunter Shea

I am delighted to announce a guest post by the talented Hunter Shea, whose new novel, The Montauk Monster, is great fun.  Reminiscent in all the right ways of early Stephen King in style and tone, Shea has written a story whose fast-paced action, endearingly … Continue reading

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Monday Night Monsters Postponed

My apologies, folks, but this week’s Monday Night Monsters has been postponed until next Tuesday, following my trip to Portland, OR for the World Horror Convention. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

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Monday Night Monsters – Hammer/Amicus Films of Note

So this week on MNM, we’ll be looking at some Hammer/Amicus films of note. Each of them classics in their own right, these films are awesome not only because of delightful acting performances by the incomparable duo of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, … Continue reading

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Monday Night Monsters – Slasher Flicks

So, I was going to do a MNM post on Hammer/Amicus movies, but realized I need to look into some details first, so instead, I figured I’d offer a top five of slasher movies I like.  My apologies for the schedule change; … Continue reading

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