Rest in Peace, Papa Necon

Last night, beloved NECon founder Bob Booth passed away. For those of you who don’t know Bob, he was smart, funny, talented, witty, loving, and all-around awesome. And every year, in spite of whatever was going on financially or emotionally or medically, he and his family made sure to provide a weekend where so many of us can see people we love so much, and in return, feel accepted and loved and missed.

Bob and Mary are like family to me, and as I told them in email not too long ago, they have helped me through some incredibly difficult personal times. They have also been there to share in some of my greatest personal joys. I truly believe I leave a little piece of my heart and soul in RI every time NECon. If home is with the people who love you and understand you and accept you for exactly who you are, then NECon is one of those times of the year where I am home.

Bob really was a legend to me. What I saw this past NECon was a man handling the remainder of his life with grace, wit, and dignity. It made me proud to know him. And the love and support of his family and extended family was absolutely beautiful. His wife Mary, his sons and sons-by-love, Dan and Matt and John, his daughter Sara — they are amazing, strong, loving, supportive, wonderful people, and anyone lucky enough to have family like that in his or her life should feel lucky and blessed.

Bob, you will be missed here in this world, in this life. But death is just a doorway to a place of peace and freedom and beauty, and I am glad to know you are in such a place. When we all pass through our own doors, we will see you again. We will have Heaven’s equivalent of saugies, we’ll talk books and movies and jokes, and most of all, we’ll remember every moment that brought us all together heart and soul.

May your feet be light and your journey swift, Bob. We love you.


About Mary SanGiovanni

Author of the Hollower trilogy, Thrall, Chaos, For Emmy, Possessing Amy, The Fading Place, and more.
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